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Shadow of Colossus is one of the most famous and exciting games released in Japan as Wander and the Colossus. It is an experience of amusement distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation.

Initially, it was released for pS2 in 2005. Afterward, it re-released in high-definition representation content, which was missing from the North American versions, play stations network trophies, and 3D support.

The HD adaptation was discharged independently in Japan for pS3 in the year 2011, serving as a loose prequel to 2001’s Ico. The third version, completely remastered for the PS4 released in 2018.

Shadow of colossus PS2 and PS4 guide

Shadow of colossus for PS4 is a stunning return to a classical that first allowed the players on the PS2 back in 2005. It is one of the most beautiful games the PS4 has to offer.

The performance mode on PS4 grows, even maintains sixty frames per second with minimal sacrifices.

A good performer can see to the horizon, while amid the huge subdued plains, revealing a sense of scale hidden from the original due to short draw distances and the new controls setup, remaps the jump and grab buttons in a way that simply makes sense.

Then, combine this all with a flexible photo mode. There were some problems in the PS2 version, but on PS4 the game has modernized the entire experience. In PS2, the performance was not good. In PS4, the performance has improved.

Now there are no longer fasteners, and the player does not feel like he is playing a thirteen years old game.

Shadow of the Colossus Free Download

Playstation 4

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Playstation 3

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Playstation 2

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Shadow of colossus Storyline

The game places the player in control of Wander, a young man who has bought the body of a young woman.

The name of that woman is Mono, whom he took to a temple in the distantly forbidden lands to petition an entity known as Dormin to resurrect her. Dormin agrees with Wander’s demand. Further, the rest of the game unfolds from there.

In the first task, Wander with destroying the sixteen colossi that hold Dormin captive. Meander must go over an inconvincible scope on horseback.

The diversion is surprising inside of the activity experience kind in that there are no towns or cells to examine, no characters with which to interface, and no enemy to crush other than the monsters.

The boy starts hunting colossi and dismounting for the brief platforming section before facing the beast after finding the boy to kill him. Raising the sword identifies the colossus weak point with changes and move during the battle.

The colossus themselves are huge, multi-tiered environments, with platforms, fur, and limbs. They don’t like the little boy climbing on them a single bit.

The dynamic feel of a boy struggling to take down creatures dozens of times his size is incredible, the way colossi buck, twirl, thrash, and swat at their interloper makes for good drama and gameplay.

Hence, everything has some pros and cons this game also both pros and cons which are listed below.

Pros of Shadow of Colossus

  • Shadow of Colossus has rightly received praise from numerous people for its emotional and ethical shade.
  • This game is one of the great labels in the computer game industry. It has a special place in the heart of players.
  • This game is commonly an essential model of game expertise based on its subtle scene outlines, inviting gameplay, and passionate adventure.
  • Meanwhile, it also got various responses from the media.
  • Besides, it bumps into firm deals distinguished with Ico.
  • Through, some stain to an impressive promotional crusade.
  • The players love the soundtrack of the game.
  • Additionally, this game has earned few honors for its sound configuration and over-all quality.
  • So, concerning the expertise quality and enthusiastic points of view of the computer games.

Cons of the Shadow of Colossus

  • Firstly, it has a clunky control scheme, a terrible camera, and poor visual effects.
  • It is needlessly complex.
  • The storylines feel aimless for most of the experience.
  • In the end, the final sequence lacks punch unless you have played Ico.
  • Even, the difficulty curve is not too steep, but it is uneven.
  • Few battles felt like fights with a camera, not with colossus.
  • Hence, sometimes the player feels difficulty in controlling the horse while riding.

System Requirements

You can play this game Shadow of the colossus on your PC if it has all the specifications

  1. The first one is that your PC has OS: window 8 or 10.
  2. The processor should be of AMD 6 core CPU, Intel Quad-Core CPU.
  3. The Ram should of 8GB or higher.
  4. Free Hard drive space must be 2 GB.
  5. Graphic Card must be of AMD Radeon 7870 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or higher.
  6. Graphic memory should be 3 GB.


Consequently, in this blog, you get to know about the shadow of the colossus storyline. The pros and cons of this game and the system requirement of PC to download this game. It is an amazingly enjoyable and unique experience. Therefore, you can play this game to kill your boredom you will enjoy playing it.

So, you can download this game by clicking on the link given below

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